Xbench 3.0 Build 1593 (June 27, 2024)

  • Added support for memoQ 10.5, 10.6, and 11.0
  • Improved Edit Segment performance for Xbench Chrome Extension for Google Polyglot after migration to manifest v3
  • Fixed issue with Smartcat integration

Xbench 3.0 Build 1585 (February 2, 2024)

  • Fixed issue with numeric mismatch with blank spaces as thousands separator

Xbench 3.0 Build 1584 (December 29, 2023)

  • Added support for Transifex API v3
  • Reduced false negatives in numeric mismatch when separator is a space
  • Improvements in edit segment feature for memoQ 9 and memoQ 10
  • Added support for Smartling CSV format
  • Improvements in segment status recognition in Crowdin
  • Fixed several issues in Connector for Phrase TMS
  • Fixed issue to correctly categorize modified fuzzy matches in Wordfast
  • Fixed issue when computer leaves hibernation or suspend mode
  • Fixed issue with loading of srt files in Polyglot
  • Fixed issue with segment state categorization in Logoport

Xbench 3.0 Build 1562 (October 15, 2022)

  • Applied rebranding of Memsource to Phrase TMS
  • Connector for Phrase TMS: Added QA for only selected documents
  • Connector for Phrase TMS: Added sorting for list views
  • Connector for Phrase TMS: Added filtering by document status
  • Connector for Phrase TMS: Added option "Only projects with jobs assigned to me" in Settings>Project Scope
  • Connector for Phrase TMS: Added possibility to open file locally on Phrase CAT desktop editor
  • Connector for Phrase TMS: Fixed issue with duplicate file names within folder structure
  • Edit Checklist window now can be resized
  • Fixed issue where one user-tampered checklist could cause other checklists to not load
  • Fixed issues with certain trailing characters in URL Mismatches
  • Added ability to select all checklists in project checklist or personal checklist QAs
  • Added support for numbers in non-latin alphabets in numeric mismatch check
  • Fixed issue with key terms containing mix of Asian and not Asian punctuation characters
  • Added workaround to support TMX files with invalid low order non-printable characters
  • Fixed issue when saving xbp file with remote files to new location
  • Fixed issue when loading sdlxliff files with certain confirmed segments wrongly deemed as untranslated segments
  • Added support to load sdlxliff files as generated by Lilt
  • Fixed issue where certain XLIFF 2.0 files reported Duplicated Source when loading

Xbench 3.0 Build 1546 (December 6, 2021)

  • Fixed issue that prevented selecting languages when loading SDLTB files with the Project Properties wizard
  • Fixed issue when exporting to .xlsx QA results containing an ampersands in the QA settings

Xbench 3.0 Build 1544 (November 15, 2021)

  • Added support for Trados Studio 2021 R2
  • Added support for Trados Studio External Review format
  • Added support for case insensitive language identification in SDLTB
  • Added support for new TBX specification (ISO 30042:2019)
  • Added file count and item count in Project view
  • Much faster generation of exported Excel QA report with direct generation of .xlsx file (no Excel automation)
  • Performance improvement when loading SDLTM files with metadata
  • Improvements in leading/trailing mismatch detection
  • Improvements in Microsoft Excel parser
  • Improvements in PO file parser
  • Improvements in URL detection for markdown syntax
  • Fixed language detection issue when adding multiple TBX files
  • Fixed issue when reporting recently changed QA selections
  • Fixed loading issue of certain memoQ mqxlz files with multiple versions

Xbench 3.0 Build 1520 (September 27, 2020)

  • Added support for memoQ 9.5
  • Now QA check "ALLUPERCASE mismatch" also reports mismatches in number of occurences
  • Now if a keyterm entry is a non-translatable term, QA check "Target same as Source" does not report such entry
  • Added support for new TBX specification (ISO 30042:2019)

Xbench 3.0 Build 1516 (August 27, 2020)

  • Polyglot: Created new parser to support new Polyglot internal data structures
  • Memsource Connector: Fixed issue with job list for linguist users
  • memoQ LiveDocs: Fixed detection of segment status for cross-links
  • Fixed issue with hilighting of Asian characters in ALLUPPERCASE check
  • Fixed issue when marking certain QA issues

Xbench 3.0 Build 1501 (March 5, 2020)

  • Fixed issue affecting certain Matecat projects

Xbench 3.0 Build 1500 (February 28, 2020)

  • Memsource Connector: Fixed issue with Memsource Team edition
  • Memsource Connector: Fixed issue with user names containing backslashes and other special characters

Xbench 3.0 Build 1498 (February 4, 2020)

  • Xbench Connector for Memsource now uses the REST API

Xbench 3.0 Build 1494 (January 7, 2020)

  • Improved High DPI behaviour
  • Fixed issue with Edit Segment for Crowdin
  • Fixed issue with specific Idiom termbases

Xbench 3.0 Build 1490 (December 4, 2019)

  • Fixed issue affecting load of specific MultiTerm glossaries

Xbench 3.0 Build 1489 (November 28, 2019)

  • Added support for Crowdin

Xbench 3.0 Build 1484 (October 15, 2019)

  • Added support for memoQ 9
  • Added improvements in High DPI support
  • Added ability to mark issues individually in an issue group
  • Added saving/loading of marked issues
  • Added disambiguation of locked segments and ICE segments
  • Added counters for issues in exported QA reports
  • Added basic support for memoQ Non-Translatables resource
  • Added case-sensitiveness option for Key Terms check
  • Added display of metadata in SDL Trados Studio TMs
  • Added Smartcat ICE segment identification
  • Added segment positioning support for Excel files
  • Added Email checking to URL Mismatch check
  • Added setting to prevent automatic opening of generated QA report
  • Added circled numbers support to Numeric Mismatch check
  • Fixed issue with extraneous link text in Google Polyglot files

Xbench 3.0 Build 1454 (January 22, 2019)

  • Added support for Google Polyglot
  • Improved filter for Excel .xlsx files
  • Hovering the mouse on the List of Check now shows the full text if clipped
  • Fixed load issue with some specific Trados Studio files
  • Fixed issue with relative paths in legacy checklists

Xbench 3.0 Build 1447 (December 19, 2018)

  • Fixed issue when loading certain XLZ files

Xbench 3.0 Build 1444 (November 12, 2018)

  • Improvements to Lingotek filter

Xbench 3.0 Build 1442 (October 8, 2018)

  • Added support for Lingotek
  • Xbench embedded web browser now defaults to IE 11 rendering if available

Xbench 3.0 Build 1434 (June 7, 2018)

  • Added integration support for XTM 11.2 Web Editor
  • Added experimental support for format .xlsx in Tab-delimited File Type (column A=source, column B=target)
  • Added leading and trailing blanks mismatch QA check
  • Online help now points to https://docs.xbench.net
  • Added new package file format (.xbpkg) to encapsulate project file, QA settings and files in a single file (documentation on GitHub)
  • Added support for SDL WorldServer .wsxz file extension
  • Added support for zipped TMX (.tmz file extension)
  • Added support for Swiss German thousands separator in Numeric Mismatch
  • Now checkbox "Swap source and target" is available in Project Properties main window
  • Improvement of highlighting for multiple instances of regex matches
  • Now it is possible to search for leading and trailing spaces
  • Fixed issue with See Context when languages were swapped
  • Now if both Tag Mismatch and Numeric QA checks are run, any numeric mismatches occurring within tags are not reported to avoid excessive reporting

Xbench 3.0 Build 1419 (January 24, 2018)

  • Added support for Smartcat
  • Key Terms check now always normalizes whitespace
  • Fixed issue when pressing Enter in search result to copy target text and close Xbench

Xbench 3.0 Build 1410 (September 19, 2017)

  • Added support for memoQ 8.2
  • Inconsistencies checks now always ignore tags
  • Fewer alphahumeric false positives related with units of measure
  • Now dash is not considered part of alphanumeric string to reduce false positives
  • 'Edit Source' menu item renamed to 'Edit Segment'
  • Usability improvements when pressing Ctrl+Alt+[Number] to open an Internet link with an external browser
  • Added .tab extension to tab-delimited text file type

Xbench 3.0 Build 1401 (May 25, 2017)

  • Added support for memoQ 8.1

Xbench 3.0 Build 1400 (May 19, 2017)

  • Added support for segment positioning for poedit 2.0.2 or later
  • Improvements in numeric mismatch checks
  • Fixed issue with Studio files than have segment fragments locking

Xbench 3.0 Build 1395 (April 21, 2017)

  • Added support for memoQ Adriatic
  • Added support for memoQ 2-column RTF files
  • Added support for DejaVu alignment projects (.dvapr)
  • Added support for comments in po files
  • Added support for 100% and ICE segment detection in Google Translator Toolkit
  • Added support for Qt Linguist Phrasebooks (.qph)
  • Memsource Connector: Added support for additional Memsource servers
  • Memsource Connector: Added support for Memsource 2-factor authentication
  • Memsource Connector: Added job id to the list view
  • Memsource Connector: Warn linguist user if the file is not yet accepted
  • Memsource Connector: Fixed issue with passwords with certain special characters
  • Added presentation for metadata for MultiTerm .sdltb files
  • Improvements in numeric mismatches
  • Improvements in Trados Studio formatting tags mismatch detection
  • Improvements in aphanumeric mismatches checks
  • Improvements in Edit Source user experience for Microsoft Word files
  • Improved presentation of double word issues
  • Added support for mismatch detection for more German quotation marks
  • Fixed memory leaks with auto-refresh files
  • Fixed issue when loading Trados Studio files generated from Word documents with comments
  • Fixed load issue with some formats that required Office automation
  • Added detection of missing checklists when project is loaded
  • Improved collapsed behaviour of navigation tree in Checklist Manager
  • Improved presentation of languages in MultiTerm special settings

Xbench 3.0 Build 1370 (July 11, 2016)

  • Added support for Edit Source from Xbench for Google Translator Toolkit (GTT) (requires the new Xbench Chrome Extension for GTT)
  • Now you can use Run QA in Xbench for .gtt files

Xbench 3.0 Build 1369 (July 1, 2016)

  • Added support for Google Translator Toolkit (requires Xbench Chrome Extension)
  • Xbench now shows the Wordfast Pro 4 segment number instead of the segment id
  • Fixed issue when launching an Xbench QA from the Memsource Web interface using the Xbench Chrome extension
  • Now it is possible to copy multiple cells from the See Context window

Xbench 3.0 Build 1367 (May 2, 2016)

  • Fixed issue with double spaces in export ongoing translation to Microsoft Word
  • Fixed issue to persist across sessions disabled inherited checklist entries
  • Fixed issue with reload: project checklists were not refreshed
  • Memsource Connector: Fixed issue with linguist QA in higher workflow steps
  • Memsource Connector: Fixed issue that disabled individual language selection in project tree

Xbench 3.0 Build 1364 (April 15, 2016)

  • Fixed spacing issue in some source tags for exported MS word documents

Xbench 3.0 Build 1363 (April 13, 2016)

  • Xbench Connector for Memsource is now installed with Xbench and can be launched from Xbench
  • Added Export Ongoing Translation to MS Word to allow grammar checking or spell-checking in Microsoft Word
  • Added DOCX Word File as additional export format in Tools->Export Items
  • Improved parsing of XTM XLIFF format
  • memoQ comments are now shown in Xbench details pane
  • Fixed issue when using Edit Source with a Transifex project
  • Confirmation workflow level for Memsource file is now shown in details pane
  • Added Matecat link to segment in HTML QA report
  • Added support for Matecat split jobs
  • Improved display of double blanks in HTML QA report
  • Connector for Memsource: Various improvements related to new Linguist support
  • Connector for Memsource: Added number of job part
  • Connector for Memsource: Added column sorting
  • Connector for Memsource: Added column auto-size by double-clicking column divider
  • Chrome Extension: Added support for one-click QA from Memsource
  • Chrome Extension: Added support for one-click QA from Transifex

Xbench 3.0 Build 1350 (February 25, 2016)

  • Added suport for Matecat
  • Changed ICE criteria for SDL Trados Studio Context Matches and Perfect Matches (now they don't have to be also locked)
  • Fixed double blanks check for Memsource .mliff and Worfast Pro 4 .txlf.

Xbench 3.0 Build 1340 (January 14, 2016)

  • Fixed Asian character corruption with certain fonts in detail pane

Xbench 3.0 Build 1336 (December 21, 2015)

  • Added support for Wordfast Pro 4
  • Added support for DejaVu/Idiom termbases
  • Added support for memoQ termbases in CSV format
  • Added support for Translator Workspace
  • Added support for forbidden terms defined in picklist fields in Multiterm sdltb files
  • Now See Context shows all segments in the file, regardless of its size
  • Added ability to store Xbench settings such as Internet URLs in the cloud so that they can be picked up when moving from computer to computer
  • Added term and tag highlighting in search results
  • Added zoom to flag
  • Added metadata to exported QA report
  • Added Transifex comments
  • Improvements in numeric mismatch check
  • Improvements in Memsource filter

Xbench 3.0 Build 1305 (May 15, 2015)

  • Added support for memoQ 2015
  • Added more metadata to Transifex search and QA results
  • Reduction of false positives in numeric check for numbers that have spaces as separators
  • Reduction of false positives with numbers followed by a unit of measure in alphanumeric test
  • Changed criteria for ICE matches in memoQ to consider 102% matches
  • Usability improvements in Project Instructions

Xbench 3.0 Build 1299 (February 17, 2015)

  • Support for Transit NXT
  • Support for Transifex
  • Asian full-width digits are now supported in numeric mismatch
  • Asset name is now shown in Idiom files
  • Added a few more potential mnemonic characters
  • Fixed issue with Memsource tag detection
  • Fixed issue with Wordfast memory load
  • Fixed issue with memoQ tag detection
  • Fixed issue with OpenTM2 glossary files with tags in comments

Xbench 3.0 Build 1276 (December 9, 2014)

  • Fixed issue with Project Instructions for 64-bit build
  • Moved Chinese thick square bracket QA check from Unpaired Quotes to Unpaired Symbols

Xbench 3.0 Build 1274 (December 1, 2014)

  • Improvements for RTL languages
  • New Arabic spell-checker
  • New Hebrew spell-checker
  • Support for memoQ 2014 R2
  • Segment positioning support for MultiTerm .sdltb and .mdb glossaries
  • Improvements to Unpaired Quotes check
  • Fixed issue with untranslated sdlxliff segments for certain formats

Xbench 3.0 Build 1266 (November 5, 2014)

  • Improved segment positioning for memoQ 2014
  • New QA check Unpaired Quotes
  • New file-level flag icons to help distinghish individual files in search results
  • Listing of Key Terms glossaries used in exported QA reports
  • Added support for synonyms in TBX files
  • Improved support for detecting changes .sdlxliff in files pointed by Studio .sdlproj files
  • File name in QA results now appears with the color of the priority
  • Menu item Internet->Define Links is now available from any tab
  • Smarter handling of new requests to start Xbench when Xbench is already started on the machine
  • Fixed issue with Export Items when source and targer were swapped
  • Fixed issue with alphanumeric checks in Chinese texts
  • Fixed issue with display of RTL text
  • Fixed issue with potentially empty regular expresions followed by word or segment anchors

Xbench 3.0 Build 1243 (July 11, 2014)

  • Added check for unpaired symbols (i.e. unpaired parentheses, square brackets, and braces)
  • Added support to sort search results by clicking on column headings
  • Added support for Passolo glossaries (.glo extension)
  • Added support for DejaVu Pack&Go files (.dvpng extension)
  • Added support to search normalizing native characters (for example accented vowels)
  • Added header with selected QA checks in QA report
  • Added possibility to export a no issues QA report
  • Fixed issue with finespace detection in numeric mismatch
  • Fixed issue with memoQ segment positioning
  • Fixed internal error when signing up without an Internet connection
  • Fixed issue with key terms mismatch check with more than one alternative in source

Xbench 3.0 Build 1227 (May 26, 2014)

  • Added Edit Source support for memoQ files (see online help for instructions)
  • Fixed issue with MultiTerm synonyms
  • Fixed issue with embedded spaces in MultiTerm language index name
  • Fixed memory leak with auto-refresh glossaries

Xbench 3.0 Build 1219 (May 13, 2014)

  • Improved display of file names with long paths in Export Items dialog
  • Improved display of selected checklists in QA tab when selection was changed from Checklists and Categories dialog
  • Fixed issue when loading XML files with ANSI encoding
  • Fixed issue when loading directory of XLIFF files
  • Fixed issue when loading certain Logoport XLIFF files

Xbench 3.0 Build 1216 (May 6, 2014)

  • Added support for Trados Multiterm .mdb files
  • Added support for XLIFF 2.0
  • Added support for OpenTM2 1.0
  • Added UI settings for plugin for Studio
  • Various fixes and improvements related to plugin for Studio
  • Added support for MultiTerm synonyms for Key Terms check
  • Added .tsv extension to tab-delimited file type
  • Improvements in tag mismatch detection
  • Improvements in Source same as Target check
  • Added file name information to See Context
  • Added support for comments in SDLXLIFF files
  • Removed file size limitation of 1GB per file (64-bit edition)
  • Various fixes with checklists UI
  • Added support to add more than one checklist at a time
  • Improvements and optimizations for auto-refresh glossaries
  • Improvements in sdlxliff parsing
  • Improvements in ttx parsing
  • Improvements in regular expression parsing
  • Fixed occasional message error "RPC not available" for TagEditor integration
  • Fixed issues with changed fonts in See Context
  • Fixed occasional issue with non-Latin characters in QA results

Xbench 3.0 Build 1186 (December 22, 2013)

  • Added support for Trados Multiterm .sdltb files
  • Renamed "Trados Multiterm Glossary" type because now supports both .xml and .sdltb files
  • Added support for upcoming beta of ApSIC Xbench Plugin for Trados Studio 2014
  • Enlarged font size of Source and Target fields in Search tab
  • Enlarged font size of Text to Search field in Internet tab
  • Added prompt to ask for removal from Reopen list of projects not found
  • Now when shutting down the system or logging off the session, the Xbench shutdown warning does not appear even if selected to avoid Xbench abend
  • Added Copy without Formatting in popup menu of detail pane in Search and QA tabs
  • Added Status column in Checklist Manager to allow sorting by status
  • Now the Search Templates window can be resized
  • Now several files can be selected in Project Properties to move them together up or down within a priority
  • Fixed issue with alphanumeric check when source language is Asian
  • Added back support for Word 2000 and Word 2002 for uncleaned files
  • Improved detection of memoQ workflow statuses
  • Improved detection of memoQ ICE (XLT) matches

Xbench 3.0 Build 1174 (November 4, 2013)

  • Added support for built-in alphanumeric check
  • Added support to show and hide the tool bar
  • Added support to shrink or expand Search pane by pulling down or pulling up the pane's bottom edge
  • Added support to show issue category in QA reports
  • Added support to load footnotes in uncleaned Word files
  • Added support for Normalize Whitespace to PowerSearch mode
  • Added support to change font size in QA view with mouse wheel
  • Added shortcut for Save As
  • Added hilighting of double blanks in exported QA reports
  • Fixed load of uncleaned files for MS Word 2013 with Reading Layout default
  • Improved detection of memoQ workflow states
  • Improved error reporting when checklist file is damaged
  • New Save As dialog for item exports that do not specify a directory
  • Improved detection of file additions and removals for directory-based glossary types
  • Improved detection of conditions that trigger the save project prompt
  • Improved appearance of results with large fonts
  • Improved grouping for inconsistency issues in case-sensitive mode
  • Improved sorting of spell-checking dictionary names in QA selection box
  • Improved cursor behavior after pressing Ctrl+M in in issue list
  • Fixed stability issues related to Checklist Manager
  • Fixed SDLX segment positioning issues with 64-bit build
  • Various cosmetic fixes and improvements in the UI

Xbench 3.0 Build 1149 (July 19, 2013)

  • Fixed character corruption when loading a RTF file with codepage overrides inside
  • Fixed collapsing columns when switching to alternative project on Windows 7/8

Xbench 3.0 Build 1148 (July 16, 2013)

  • Added built-in QA check for URL mismatches
  • Added support for TIPP (new file type)
  • Added support for XLIFF:doc
  • Added support for UTX (tab-delimited)
  • Added extension .xlf.zip to XLIFF file type
  • Added full version identifier to installable so that centralized change detection and installation is possible
  • Added automatic connection when open translation memory when a TTX file is opened with Edit Source
  • Immediate addition of spell-checking dictionaries to QA tab right after they are downloaded and installed
  • Now languages used in Export Items export are remembered for future use
  • Added pop-up menus in Search and QA tabs details pane to ease copying text from them
  • Fixed stability issues with 64-bit build when Internet searches were used
  • Fixed unexpected maximization of window upon returning from minimized state
  • Fixed QA report export issue if source and target were swapped
  • Fixed cosmetic issues when Windows 7 used 125% font size
  • Fixed Esc key behavior to close Xbench from any tab
  • Usability improvements in detection of offline mode
  • Improved consistency of default selections for multilingual glossaries
  • Added warning if the project is left with Ctrl+N when there are marked QA issues
  • Usability improvement when search string is changed and F5 is pressed to update project and search
  • Usability improvements when adding last search to checklist

Xbench 3.0 Build 1136 (May 16, 2013)

  • Added support for SDL Trados Studio translation memories
  • Fixed wrong parsing of ampersands in See Context window
  • Fixed extraneous empty segments in SDLXLIFF files
  • Fixed SDLXLIFF segments appearing as untranslated when segments where joined

Xbench 3.0 Build 1131 (May 8, 2013)

  • Improved usability of license checks under unreliable network conditions
  • Improved usability of QA report
  • Fixed listing of last project in Reopen list when no project is loaded at start up
  • Fixed wrong hiding of Cancel button for search when no instances were found
  • Fixed double spaces not listed due to wrong XML encoding of SDLXLIFF files
  • Fixed update issue with context menu of Project tab
  • Fixed wrong Xbench shutdown after closing Change User without entering a password
  • Improvements in TBX parsing
  • Fixed issue with regular expressions with a '>' character right before a '$' character
  • Fixed issue with SDLX segment positioning after Edit Source
  • Fixed parsing of &# entities in XML files
  • Fixed language detection issue in TMX when srclang attribute was not consistent with actual source language in file

Xbench 3.0 Build 1126 (March 15, 2013)

  • First Xbench 3.0 GA release