Easy Quality Assurance and Terminology

ApSIC Xbench provides simple and powerful Quality Assurance and Terminology Management in a single package. Just load files in any of the dozens of CAT formats supported and get your translation quality to the next level.

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All Terminology at your Fingertips

With Xbench you are just a hotkey away from your terminology. Just load your bilingual references on Xbench and press Ctrl+Alt+Insert from any Windows application when you want to find a term.

One Zillion Input Formats and Counting

Add terminology sources in most common CAT formats including TMX, XLIFF, Trados, Wordfast, MemoQ, Deja Vu, IBM Translation Manager and many more. All these formats are presented in a common results window so that you can focus on terminology and not on the application it came from.

Spell-check Everything Instantly

Spell-check your translations in a breeze, no matter how many words or files you are to deliver today. Now available for 48 languages with Hunspell dictionaries.

Your Personal Reviser

Xbench comes with some useful predefined quality checks for completeness, consistency, numbers, tags, key terms, and so on. But if you need more, you can also create your own personal checklists to make sure that your translations are perfect.

Check your Translations Thoroughly

Xbench comes with a number of predefined checks to spot common errors, such as inconsistencies, missing or unmodified translations, spelling errors, mismatch in numbers or tags, deviations from key terminology and more.

Never Again Forget to Spell-Check a File

Tired of spell-checking hundreds of files with just a few words each? With Xbench you can load and spell-check all files at once and edit only those files that have spelling issues.

Define your own checklists

Need more checks than the predefined ones? With checklists you can perform very sophisticated checks on your files. Checklists are built on the powerful search engine of Xbench, which allows you to find virtually anything thanks to its PowerSearch mode and the flexibility of regular expressions or Microsoft Word wildcards. Checklists are an array of user-defined searches that can be executed on all your translations at a blazing speed.

Edit your Files Right at the Offending Segment

Need to edit what Xbench found? Just right-click and choose Edit Source to open the file right at the segment that contains the error. Segment-level positioning is available for most CAT formats including Trados TagEditor, IBM Translation Manager, SDLX, or MemSource.

Organize your Terminology

With Xbench, you can assign each terminology source to its own priority level so that it is presented to you in a clear way. Now you are able to make informed terminology decisions consistently, every time.

All in One View

Relevant search results are presented in a single view with color-coded priority, so that you can easily recognize what comes from where. At a glance, you will be able to quickly decide which term fits best your translation – and you will also be able to investigate and report where the sources for inconsistencies are.

Zoom In to Explore

The default search results view presents an overview mode that shows a few results from each priority so that you can see at once if the term you are looking for was translated consistently – or not – across all terminology sources. Need more detail? No problem, just zoom in to priority or file level to see it all.

Highlight Key Terminology

Any of your glossaries is particularly important for your project? Just define any glossary as Key Terms and its entries will appear with a star in the search results.

ApSIC Xbench 3.0 adds the following new features:

  • Unicode support across the board
  • 32-bit and 64-bit editions
  • Integrated installation of Hunspell spell-checking dictionaries
  • Support for Trados Studio Translation Memories
  • Support for Trados MultiTerm Glossaries in .sdltb and .mdb format
  • UI integration with SDL Trados Studio 2014, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2021, and 2022 with a plugin
  • UI integration with SDL Passolo 2011, 2016, 2018, and 2022 with an addin
  • Connector for Memsource to run QA with one click
  • Shell extension to run QA in Xbench from Windows Explorer
  • Support for DBCS characters in RegEx mode searches
  • Support for memoQ 6 (and later) XLIFF files
  • Support for memoQ 6 (and later) hand-off and hand-back packages
  • Integration with MemSource Editor
  • Integration with memoQ Editor
  • Support for Wordfast Pro 3.1 and later
  • Support for Transit NXT
  • Support for Transifex
  • Support for Matecat
  • Support for XTM
  • Support for Google Polyglot
  • Support for Smartcat
  • Support for Lingotek
  • Support for Crowdin
  • Support for TIPP and XLIFF:doc files from the Interoperability Now! initiative
  • Support for multilingual TMX files
  • Support for UTX
  • Support for Qt Linguist files
  • Support for new Apple glossaries (Mountain Lion)
  • Support for DejaVu Satellite Projects
  • Support for DejaVu Pack&Go Projects
  • Support for OpenTM2 1.0
  • New built-in QA checks for CamelCase and ALLUPPERCASE mismatches
  • New built-in QA check for URL mismatches
  • New built-in QA check for alphanumeric mismatches
  • New built-in QA check for unpaired brackets
  • New built-in QA check for unpaired quotes
  • New search and QA filter for only 100% matches
  • Ability to search with normalization of accented characters
  • Ability to sort search results
  • Ability to flag with an icon a file in the search results
  • And many other enhancements all over the place